Do it His way

This past weekend I participated in my first Women’s Conference. While I’m happy that it’s over, I’m not entirely happy with myself. I feel I should’ve been more prepared and my speech more cohesive. Though I received a huge amount of positive feedback, no one is more tougher on me, than me. I’m always looking for ways to perfect my gift and while I know I’ll never be perfect, God used the perfect opportunity and crowd of people to hear my story of trials, triumphs, and pain. Turns out, my journey was similar to a few and inspiring to many. It means so much to me when people are hopeful and able to see the good in their unpleasant situation, because they have seen how God has positively changed mine. I now know that even though my speech didn’t go as planned, it went according to God’s plan. We need to realize there will be times things won’t go our way, because God knows it’s better if He has His way, and when He does, surrender and follow along.


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