This is my story

Tomorrow is the big day as I will be speaking at my first Women’s Conference! As I’ve shared before, this is a dream come true. Although it may not be in an arena or in front of millions, I’ll be in front of the people God has called me to share my story. Leading up to now, I’ve been extremely nervous and anxious. I didn’t know what I’d talk about or how the people would perceive me, and whenever I’d ask God to give me a word, He told me, “You don’t need a word when you’ve got a story.” After speaking with Him and a colleague of mine a few days ago, I realized I’ve got an incredible story to tell, and I can’t wait to share it! Besides, I know what I’ve gone through is going to help others heal.

No matter how dark, gruesome, or painful your past is, someone can benefit from your story. Never be ashamed to let people know what you went through, but more importantly, how it strengthened you.


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