God is the answer

When you’re feeling uncertain, pray to God.

When you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed, give it to God.

When you don’t know which way to go, turn to God.

When you’re feeling hopeless, put your faith in God.

If you’re in need of answers or change, talk to God.

When you’re feeling down, look up to God.

When you want to give up, trust in God.

We’ve all felt one or more of the above expressions. As for me, I’ve felt them all. While I didn’t understand and still don’t, to be honest, I do know that God won’t allow us to go through anything in our lives that He can’t use for our greater good and to glorify Him. We might not see the end result, but He does, and He knows our ending will be far greater than our beginning. No matter what you encounter or go through, always trust, seek, and rely on God.


2 responses to “God is the answer”

  1. Yes, and also listen and obey his voice! He loves us!!!

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  2. charles L weaver Avatar
    charles L weaver

    Amen – Keep the faith!!!

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