It can wait

I had to take a break last week, because the exhaustion had become too overwhelming. I was sleep deprived, mentally and physically tapped out, and I was literally running on E. If I’m honest, I still feel that way. No matter how much I do, there’s still so much to be done. Although I’ve neglected doing things that should be done, particularly posting, one thing I won’t do is continue to neglect myself. In order for me to function at my maximum capacity, I need to be my whole self. Besides, I’m only one person and when I’m gone, rest assured I’ll be replaced.

It doesn’t matter how much time you devote to someone or something, when you’re of no use to them, they’ll quickly find your replacement. Although I love what I do, I love me way more! I realize some things can wait, and it’s okay if there’s more to do tomorrow. All that matters is you get it done.

Take care of you self!


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