Not their call

I am so glad my promotion comes from God and not from man. Anytime God was about to take me to another level, the devil would show up thinking he could stop what God was about to do. Can you imagine someone being so powerful but still powerless when it comes to God? I can remember this being the case 6 years ago, when I was about to hold one of the biggest leadership positions in my career. Although I was ecstatic and grateful for the come up, many people were upset and wanted to keep me down. The issue wasn’t that I didn’t have the experience or right work ethic to do the job, the issue was that it was me. Had it been anyone else, the backhanded compliments, negative chatter, or disdain would’ve never happened, but thank God my promotion did. It not only equipped and prepared me for future positions, but it showed me who people really are.

In spite of what people think about me, it’s not their call or decision to determine if I advance in life. My elevation comes from God and when He decides to take me higher, He will allow them to witness it.


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