In your way



Financial instability.

Wicked people.

It doesn’t matter who or what gets in your way, because God can instantly remove it all. I used to think that I was doomed if I ran into hiccups in my career or roadblocks in my life, but when I realized that God can remove anything, I started praying to Him about everything! If it caused me pain or kept me stagnant, I wanted it gone. If it were people who had ill intentions or impure motives, while they preyed on me, I prayed for them to be gone. However, there will be times in your life that God will place certain people or things in your path, but it’s not to stop you, it’s to challenge you. While I haven’t always been grateful for my hindrances, I am thankful that when they served its purpose, He removed them out of my way.

You may feel like every time you get around one boulder, another one shows up, but don’t let it make you give up. Just keep on pushing (literally)!


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