Before you judge

I’ve mentioned several times how I’ve always aspired to be an attorney, but not that I wanted to be a judge. I don’t know if the hefty responsibilities of handing out fair sentences (not saying that I wouldn’t) or having the fate of someone’s life in my hands attributed to the decision change, but nonetheless, a judge is not who I want to be, because it’s who I’ve “played” for many years, as I have occasionally sat high and looked low at others. I make no admission that I am better than anyone else, but there were times I’d mentally condemn and impose sentences to people based upon the things they did, knowing all along my actions weren’t any better. The only difference is, I viewed my sins as minor and deemed theirs to be major. However, it doesn’t matter the magnitude of the act, because once committed, a sin is simply that, a sin. Because of God’s grace and mercy, we should be thankful He forgives us time and time again, and doesn’t hold our sins against us or use it to measure how much He will bless us. We all fall short of His glory and when we do, He doesn’t dismiss us, but instead corrects us.

The next time you decide to judge someone based upon their mistakes or the poor decisions they’ve made, redirect your thoughts and think of all the times God has forgiven and overlooked yours. Grant others the same grace God has shown you, but most importantly, when people mess up, allow them to learn from their shortcomings and grow.


One response to “Before you judge”

  1. It is so important not to judge others so we will not receive the same judgment in return. We all need the grace of God.

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