A friendly reminder

A lot of times in life, we either give up or lose sight on the things God’s promised us because it has yet to pass. Though it tarries, He instructs us to wait, for surely it will come. While some of you have just started the process of waiting, many of you have been waiting on what seems like forever. However, it is during your waiting season you must not only forget what God has promised you, you should give Him a friendly reminder. It’s not because He’s forgotten you, because He’s certainly not. It’s to hold Him to His contractual obligations (as I often put it), because once He makes a promise and give you His word, He can’t take it back, nor will it return to Him void.

I heard a moving speech a few days ago that instructed the listener to go before God and lay out all that’s He’s promised you, and through prayer, you are to “back it up” with His word. For example, I know that God has placed in me the desire to have children, and although I’m not a mother yet, I know I will be. No matter how many years pass and I’m still childless, I don’t give up praying and reminding Him of His promise, in which He says that children are a reward from the Lord, and we are to be fruitful and multiply, to which I encounter, “How can I if you don’t give them to me?” It may not make sense to many, but if anyone is a believer and follower of His word, you understand me completely.

I know you may still question, “Why should I have to remind God, if He’s God?” Because it gives us reassurance to know that we can trust Him to do exactly what He says He will do, and He will. We are to always stand on the promises of God and let Him know, I’m still holding onto what you told me, and I have faith that it’s making its way to me.


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