It was for them

I had a very interesting conversation with an “unlikely” individual I’ve come to admire. While speaking with them, I couldn’t help but smile, wonder, and have a raised eyebrow, all at once, because it piqued my interest to know why people have such a negative impression of them, when they exuded such positivity. I thought, “Maybe they had a bad encounter and that set the tone for all of their interactions,” or perhaps it was something completely deeper. Either way, I was intrigued, engaged, and thirsted for more. The meetup was expected yet unexpected, and while I thought it would be for me, I quickly learned it was for them. I had one thing on my mind when I entered that room, but God not only shifted the atmosphere, He shifted my thoughts.

I went in to speak of and offer my services and how I wanted them to be used, but God instead used me to be of service to them. I had no idea my personal triumphs and testimony would be the very thing they needed. While I left out with no signed contract, I walked away with one of the greatest contacts I could’ve ever asked for. Not only will they be able to help me go places in life, they want to!

Even when you think it’s not about you, God will use the situation and make it beneficial to you. Be ready when He calls, because you never know who He may be calling you to, that will ultimately help elevate you.


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