You’re still a child

Remember when you were going through your infancy stage and you depended on your mom and dad for everything? Can you recount all the times they carried you, fed you, clothed you, and took care of you? The same can be said for God. No matter how grown you are, to Him you are still a child; His child. I can remember going through my wilderness season and how I came to it. I had just lost my job during the pandemic, but I said to God, “I expect to leave this place and walk immediately into my next phase of life, but if you tell me I have to crawl again, I will. Just tell me for how long.” Guess who ended up crawling (and crying) like a baby for two years? I did! What’s crazy is that although I crawled for what seemed like eternity, God never did tell me for how long I’d be in that stage. That’s the part that hurt me the most, because I knew I was being obedient and following Him, which is what He wanted me to do, but my situation didn’t look like what I thought it would be. If I’m being honest, it never does.

It’s like God said, “You know what, you’ve been doing this on your own for far too long and now I need you to depend entirely on me. Therefore, I’m going to make you crawl again until you realize just how much you need your Father again.” Let me just tell you, I was the biggest and most whiniest “baby” ever! I cried, and cried, and cried for God to just pick me up because I desperately needed to be held, but He told me “just keep crawling,” and soon you’ll be walking. I didn’t understand His reasoning then, but it’s evermore present now. No matter how old I get or how independent I am, I will always need and depend on God! Won’t you do the same?


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