It’s Who you know

I am so tremendously blessed! God has done a lot of things for me, but one of the biggest would be my housing. Just under a year ago, I was sleeping in the guest bedroom of my sister’s home, and now I’m in my own. I can remember not long ago commuting to my job everyday, in the middle of inflation, and how the drive and gauged gas prices was wearing me down. I used to pray to God to bless me with my own place, because I wanted my sister and her fiancé to have their space again, not to mention, I needed my own. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this story before, but it’s worth repeating. Also, keep in mind how I shared on yesterday the importance of “the right connections.” One day upon arriving to work, one of my colleagues said, “Sunshine (a name he gave me because of my smile), do you commute to work?” I replied, “Yes, and I want to get off the road. Besides, gas gauging has reached it’s highest and I don’t see it coming down anytime soon.”

He then shared with me an individual’s name and information who I needed to contact regarding housing. I was so excited and prayed that things worked in my favor, because at that time, things were not. After one day of speaking with the referred individual, they in turn referred me to someone else, who ultimately would “set me up” with housing (see Monday’s post, It was a setup, on how God uses your situation to set you up for greater). Talk about the perfect benefits package. Just to be clear, housing is not an “actual benefits package” that was afforded to me, but because of Who I know (God) and the right connections, I received it.

Long story short, you never know who God will place in your life at the right time. Now do you understand my stance on asking God for big things and the right connections?


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