The Right Connections

My prayer time with God used to be very redundant and quite boring. I used to ask and give thanks for the same things over, and over, and over again. Hear me clearly when I say that is not a bad thing! We’re supposed to ask until He gives and when He does, we’re supposed to give thanks continuously. Shortly after, I decided to up the ante, so to speak, and I started coming at God real hard. I mean really hard. I refused to play it safe and ask for minor things, especially materialistic, when I know God is capable of giving me everything, particularly my heart’s desires. One of the biggest things I asked God for was to send me the right connections. I want people in my life who are sincerely and genuinely rooting for me to do well, and doing all they can to help me be better. I want people who are willing to help me get to the next level, and not trying to keep me on theirs.

I want to bounce ideas off people and they not shoot them down, because they can’t get theirs off the ground. I want people who will immediately think of and consider me for positions and roles, no matter how big they are. I want people who are already “in the room” to have conversations about how they can bring me in the door too. “That’s what you asked for?” Is what I know most of you are probably thinking, but how many of you can honestly say you have the right connections? How many of you are reevaluating your friends or circle, because when you make mention of going up, they casually say things to keep you down? How many of them don’t believe in your dreams or ideas, not because they are too big, but because they don’t want you to be? I don’t know about you but I want to be surrounded by people who are either headed where I’m going, or are already there and can help me make it there.

I am done playing it safe and small! I believe God led me down this route so I could encounter the right connections. “But aren’t you asking too much of God?” You may wonder, and the answer is no. God instructed us in His word to come boldly to His throne, so I’m only doing what was asked of me. I want what He has for me. Besides, He’s our biggest connection and supporter.


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