It was a setup

In my alone time with God some days ago, I was talking with Him about my current status in life and how I was quite uncomfortable with where I was but very eager to get to where I will be. Before I closed out in prayer, I thought, “Why did you allow all those bad things to happen to me?” I had lost my job (at the height of the pandemic), I had exhausted my savings trying to live, was receiving monthly eviction notices, my truck was in the repossession phase, I eventually had to move in with my sister, was mentally and physically unwell, and wanted to give up on life. “God, that was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life and You allowed it to happen,” I said, but I’m grateful I made it out.

After my alone time was over, I turned on YouTube to indulge in some Korean Mukbang, only to be “strategically” led to watch a very inspiring and motivational message entitled, It was a setup. I say strategic because God knew exactly what He was doing and what I needed. During the message, the speaker spoke about how God will often allow bad situations to occur in your life as a setup to get you to depend entirely on Him, and to prepare you for where He’s taking you next. In the grand scheme of things, I now see what God is doing, and although I might not have liked the plan, I’m thankful that I stuck it out. I could only imagine what would’ve happened, had I chosen to follow my own instead of His.

We might not understand the reason(s) God allows things to happen in our life, let alone to us, when we could think of a million people He can “pick on,” as I used to call it. However, for us “chosen ones,” we were picked to fulfil His purpose and whatever that might be, just know when He set us up, He designed it so we won’t fail. Trust the plan but most of all, trust in He who has the plan.


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