Mask Off

It’s the year 2023 and if you are still playing pretend and wearing a mask, take it off! If people don’t love you for who you really are, but the person you pretend to be, or who they want you to be, those people are not for you. I shared a few years back during my therapy days, I would cry when I spoke to my therapist because I was so exhausted and tired of being someone and something I was not. I had so many masks I wore, that I often forgot to take it off when I would get around certain people. Of course, they were used to a particular behavior, and when I exhibited characteristics of the “other me,” they became concerned and questioned my actions.

Nonetheless, being an imposter became too taxing for me, particularly mentally, and I ultimately had to take the mask off…all of them! Letting go of who I thought I was and who people wanted me to be, was not only the best feeling in the world, but the most free feeling. Nowadays, which is everyday, I am exactly who I am! I’ve learned that being who I am, has caused everyone to not like me, but I’m not overly concerned because I’m not for everybody. Yet it’s weird to think I was always trying to please everybody. Go figure! Life has gotten a little easier, now that I’m no longer “in hiding,” and have embraced the real Dee. As I noted yesterday, it’s amazing what can happen when you get rid of things that doesn’t serve you purpose and is more harmful than helpful.

Don’t waste anymore time being someone you were never intended to be. You’re already loved; so don’t try to force anyone else to.


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