Rest your sole

Last week was one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a long time and in the process of me making sure that everything was in order and everyone was taken care of, I neglected myself. I found myself going to bed past midnight most nights, not getting enough sleep, having groggy mornings, missing meals, not being consistent with my notes, and literally running on E (empty). I went to a regularly scheduled doctor’s visit, and it turned into me getting the next day off. Truthfully speaking, I needed it, because I was beyond tired, plus I took a nasty fall about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve still been recuperating from that.

Although I fell down, it wasn’t enough to keep me down. Like always, I got back up and hit the ground running, when I should’ve been laying down…literally! Nonetheless, I’m re-learning to make time for myself and take better care of myself, because no matter what needs to get done or who needs help, if I’m not physically and mentally sound, I’m of no use to them or myself. Whether it’s taking 30-minutes to rest your “sole,” or being selfish by only taking care of you, do it. Always remember, even in your absence, you can (and will) be replaced.

Take care,


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