Empowered to Empower

Yesterday, during one of my many talks with momma, I told her how the things I’ve longed prayed for are coming to pass. I’ve always been a huge encourager and have loved and embraced this position wholeheartedly. One of my dreams is to attend a women’s conference or symposium of sort, where I got the opportunity to testify about God, and call others to Him, all the while using my trials and tribulations to empower and help women to overcome their own.

As God would have it, I’m doing just that. On April 29, 2023, I will be one of (8) speakers of a panel consisting of all women, in my home state of Alabama, at a Women’s Empowerment Conference. Talk about a blessing and promise of God that’s about to be fulfilled! Being grateful is putting it mildly. I’m overjoyed, blessed, and thankful that God is continuously making due on His promises, and He’s empowered me to empower others.

I knew early on this year would work in my favor, because I declared to God it was HIS year and not mine. When you give to God the cares, concerns, and worries of your heart, He’ll in turn give you your heart’s desire!


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