Last week, I had the pleasure of flying to Texas for a work-related event. I was so excited to finally visit the state I’ve felt God has called me to move to (just not yet). Nonetheless, as I went through the TSA preliminaries and boarded my plane, I was all too happy to be seated near the window, which is my favorite place to be. Unbeknownst to me, right before take-off, I experienced one of the worst anxiety attacks I’ve ever had. I felt the plane was swallowing me up and I had nowhere to run. I asked the gentleman on the aisle seat to change with me, but he declined. I then advised one of the flight attendants of my situation, and she frantically sought me another seat. Luckily, a man who was sitting in an aisle seat 6 rows up from me agreed to change seats.

I felt a lot better, immediately, but about an hour later, the anxiety continued. “What on earth is happening to me?” I questioned, because I’ve flown countless of times and have never experienced that before. Needless to say, I was happy when we landed as I couldn’t wait to get off the plane. During my few days stay, I really enjoyed myself and the area I stayed in, although God has plans for me to stay elsewhere. After I fulfilled my work assignment and prepared to fly back out, I became increasingly worried I was going to have another attack. I’m still not sure what prompted the first one, but I was not prepared for what took place during my flight’s departure. Once boarded and an hour into the flight, I felt my breath leaving me and the plane encapsulating me. I was seated yet again by the window, but this time, I couldn’t escape.

All I could do was pray my way through the entire ordeal and try to remain as calm as possible. As I quietly cried for it to be over, God begin to speak to me. “What you are experiencing is growth, and you’ve outgrown the place in which I have placed you. Now has come the time for you to move up.” I thought to myself, “Not now, God. I’m in survival mode at this moment. Can we talk about this once I land?” However, there was no need for a conversation, because God had made it perfectly clear to me. I’ve outgrown the former things and I’m now entering into my promised season. Everything He does for me will only propel me forward and I will no longer be held back. This is my Ephesians 3:20 season!

I still can’t explain why I had those two anxiety attacks on the plane, or why God would use them to get me to see what He’s about to do next. Besides, all He could’ve done was just tell me, and not scare me. Although if I’m honest, when I think of the big plans He has for me, I do get a bit scared. However, I know if He brings me to it, He’ll bring me through it.

Maybe you’ve come to a place in your life where you’ve outgrown people, your job, certain relationships, or other things. Whichever the case, always consult with God and ask Him “What’s next?” or more importantly, “Prepare me for what’s to come.” Don’t let complacency or money be the reason you remain in a situation or environment that God has outgrown you.


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  1. LaToya Wilcox Avatar
    LaToya Wilcox

    Thank you for this. You have always had the right encouragement 🙂 at the RIGHT TIME SISTER!

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    1. You are so welcome! I certainly hope you’re doing very well!


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