Get up!

Talitha Cumi (meaning get up) are the words God spoke to the asleep little girl. But as the people would have it, they all laughed at Him because they presumed, she was d**d and didn’t think He could bring her back to life. Does that sound like you? Many people have written you off because they thought (and hoped) the very thing God placed on the inside of you was d**d, and never to be used again. Well, I say to you, get up! You’re not finished yet. That thing or the people who thought they took you out, only had you (temporarily) down for the count. Your fight is far from over! In life, you’re going to experience some setbacks and get knocked down, but until God finishes what He has started in you, no one can ever knock you out! Despite the negative chatter, laughs, or ridicules, you will arise again. People will write you off, but one thing they can’t do is rewrite your story!

Remember, it’s okay to fall sometimes. Just don’t stay there. Stay in the ring and keep fighting. There’s so much more to you than what you know.


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  1. When one falls down, get up! The race is not over!

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