Only if you let them

I have a pretty positive attitude and have been very jovial these last few weeks. Just about all of my days have been sunny and on the days it didn’t shine as much, I trusted the days ahead would be better. Prior to God changing the trajectory of my life, attitude, and character, I used to let the behaviors and attitudes of people get to me, but it’s only because I let them. Prior to this transition, I felt any assassination attempts on my character were immediate grounds for a rebuttal or all-out war. Now that I’ve grown and outgrown the need to respond to every attack, I don’t let the negative behaviors bother me.

Sadly, I did today; but I learned a valuable lesson that I’ve long known. It doesn’t matter how people feel about me or the things they say about me, because those are their feelings not mine, and I have no obligation to them. People will despise you for how others perceive you or for the light that you give off that not only blinds them but drives out their darkness. If someone behaves negatively towards you, allow them to feel whatever emotion they are experiencing. However, don’t allow them to get to you or too close to you. Sometimes all it takes is one rotten apple to spoil the entire bunch.


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