When my sisters and I were kids and had the opportunity to ride a bike, I can remember how we used to backpedal, which sent the bike into a backwards motion. Although it was a little difficult to do, it was fun in the moment. As I was preparing this post, I had one thing in mind, but God had another. I’ve been in a waiting season, which I often refer to as my single season, because I’m expectingly waiting on God to send me a spouse. Honestly, this time was supposed to be spent listening to God’s direction and preparing myself to become a wife. However, I’ve mismanaged it by obsessing over my marital status (which is single) and trying to backpedal into a situation that God has delivered me from.

I’ve allowed my consumption of Instagram photos and reels to make me seek things out that I really shouldn’t. Nonetheless, no matter how much I want to date, go out to dinner with a significant other, or long for a “bae,” I’m going to keep biking forward and wait on the one God has designated for me. I will not settle or compromise just to put an end to my single season. I will not compromise my morals or values just for the sake of being a wife. I will not lower my standards or the bar just so anyone can have a seat. What I will do is continue to pray to God for my strength and spouse; not only that he finds me but will immediately recognize that I am the one.

Don’t use loneliness as an excuse to entertain someone (or something) that God says you should leave alone. It can be hard seeing everyone getting married, having kids, going on “baecation or babymoons,” but rest assured when you do things according to God’s will and be patient, it’ll all be worth the wait.


2 responses to “Backpedaling”

  1. Amen! So much better to get close to Father God and let him meet all your needs. In due season, he will give you the desire of your heart.

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  2. Yes! It’s the best and most rewarding thing I could’ve ever committed to!


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