Peaceful Goodbyes

Everything or person, I’ve had to say goodbye to, was not as hard as I’d imagined. In fact, I’ve had some of the most peaceful endings, because I knew I was on the brink of new and wonderful beginnings. Yet I also knew that cutting those unfruitful ties were long overdue. It didn’t matter if I knew the person for 8 months or 8 years, I released them, because our relationship either ran its course, or it served no real meaning. Essentially, if it wasn’t purposeful for me or helping me to fulfill my purpose in life, I removed it from mine.

I wasn’t spiteful, had ill-will, wished anyone harm, lodged attacks, or went on a smear campaign in attempts to discredit them, because we didn’t “work out.” Besides, I had nothing to gain by trying to make them look bad. However, what I do know is that sometimes the peace you crave, can be found when you choose to let it or them go!

If the relationship, whether it be a friendship or working relationship, or even dating, has soured or is no longer purposeful to you, make peace and say goodbye.


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