It’s starting to get good

Have you ever watched a movie and from the beginning you knew it would be bad, but after an hour in, you realized the plot started to get good? I’m in that phase of my life. Initially, my life started out bad (i.e., poverty, evictions, etc.) then it climaxed to better things, only to become bad (nightmare) again. However, now that I’ve gotten past the “scary” part, things are starting to get (real) good for me. I haven’t had many depressive episodes or anxiety attacks, I’m a lot more peaceful and less stressful, and very optimistic about my future. Though things were initially rocky, I know God can make all things calm (and still).

Your life story may not have been what you’d thought it would be, but at any moment, God can give you a happy ending.


One response to “It’s starting to get good”

  1. Wonderful report Deetra. on how you are more peaceful, less stressed and more optimistic! Blessings to you today!

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