Be Proactive

I used to sit back and expect God to do all the work while I reaped the benefits. I always thought if there was something He wanted me to have, He’d give it to me, and I only needed to be still. It was during those moments that God showed me I still needed to work, as He did the same. I post actively on my blog and thought that was enough to get me by, until God came through. However, what God didn’t want me to do was the bare minimum. He required much more of me, because He had given me a lot.

I’m sure we’re all waiting on God for something, but don’t waste your waiting season by being passive. Yes, although you are waiting, you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to do nothing. Take classes to perfect your craft or read literature that will enhance your business acumen. This year, I have set a goal to increase my Amazon book sales by 10%. If you want to help me achieve my goal, you can purchase my book at Surviving the wait: How I learned to be still and wait on God: Benn, Deetra La’Rue: 9780578320236: Books.

While I have been praying to God, I exceed that, I have taken free webinars provided by Amazon to strategically help me achieve my goal. Instead of me idlily waiting on God, I’m working in the interim. Besides, faith without works is dead. I know waiting is tough, but it has its purpose. Don’t sit back expecting someone else to do the leg work for you. Be proactive and learn to help yourself.


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