Going Up

Over the weekend, I went on a girl’s ski trip in the mountains with my friend and some of her other friends. When I first learned there’d be 10 of us rooming together, I was a bit nervous. One, I only knew some of the ladies and two, that many personalities together can often be challenging. Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time…together! On our way there, we entered what I called “the opening,” because it was at that point, we began to go up the mountain to our cabin. From the bottom, it looked very scary and intimidating, because it was dark, and the cabins sat up extremely high.

However, as we made our way upwards, we encountered so many twists and turns, that had left us questioning if we should go any farther. At that moment, is where God stepped in literally and figuratively. Not only did He safely get us up that mountain, but He also let it be known that, at some point in your life, you’re going to encounter the “unknown.” You’ll be in situations that look scary, and you’ll question if “being high up” is really worth it. I realized then that, a lot of people want to be promoted, but they aren’t sure they can handle the altitude, so they choose to remain “leveled,” while others don’t mind the “climb.”

I’m a (high) climber, so I not only didn’t mind going up, but I didn’t mind helping the other group members to do so. Like that road leading to our cabin, you’re going to experience some twists and turns at every level in your life. If you stick with whatever it is you’re doing, you’ll know the road won’t always be difficult to navigate. Soon, God will straighten everything out for you.

Don’t be afraid of going up, when God is ahead of you.


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