Slow and steady

Can you believe January is literally over with? Can you also believe that even though this month is ending, and you might not have accomplished all you set out to, small progress is better than no progress at all? I have been on a healthy fit journey for ages now, and although I’ve had some success, I never really kept up with it. On January 01, 2023, I adopted a healthier lifestyle, and asked God to help me change my thoughts and relationship towards food. While I didn’t lose the amount of weight I was hoping for, I did manage to lose enough for me to feel a difference.

In life there are going to be times you might not see any progress, because you’re still “behind” or not where you’d like to be, but I can assure you God is actively working to make a difference. Things won’t always come easy to you, because like my weight loss, it has to come with time. Be patient and continue to execute your goals, even if you don’t initially see a drastic change. I haven’t always understood it, but I see why it’s best that God works incrementally in our lives, so He won’t give us our desires instantly, which could cause us to instantly ruin things.

If you ever think your life is going at the rate of a tortoise compared to others, remember in the end, it was the shell that won!

Slow and steady wins the race.


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