Even them

Naturally, I am a very loving person. However, it can be difficult when the person hasn’t been very loving or kind to me. I can remember at one point in my life encountering an individual I regretted meeting. Quickly following our demise, I hated them. It’s so shocking for me to use that word, because I find it to be quite offensive and cruel. I struggled with the idea of forgiving them for the excessive lies they told and refused to love them, even from afar. During one of the many days my thoughts were very intrusive and impure about them, I thought, “If God can forgive and love me so easily (faults and all), why can’t I do the same?”

Immediately, I begin to rationale and make excuses as to why they didn’t deserve to be loved by me, even when God’s word instructs us to love everyone. But I thought, “Even them?” And God replied, “Yes, even them.” I make no admission that I’m perfect, and I’ve learned the same grace God freely extends to us, we should do the same for others. You don’t have to be friends, hang out, or invite them over for dinner, but you do need to forgive so you can not only heal, but peacefully move on. I know it’s a struggle for many, as it is with me sometimes, but forgiveness is the answer, even when hate is the problem.

If you find it hard to forgive, ask God to soften your heart and show you what to do.


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