I want a new house. I want a new car. I want my dream job. I want nicer clothes and shoes. I want a lot of money. I want status and power. But what I really want, is peace and joy! Two things that are everlasting and only God can give and take away. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the things I (still) want, wealth, materialistic possessions, or whatever your heart desires. Most would argue by having those things they do have joy, but once gone, the joy will fade.

Joy, for me, is knowing no matter what happens in my life (good or bad) God is bigger than it all. Even though I have gone through some unfathomable things in my life, I trust that at the end of each storm, He’s going to make the sun shine again. I can have faith and assurance in knowing that He’s a reliable, dependable God, even when I can’t depend on the things (or people) I have to bring me what I need most, which is peace that surpasses all understanding.


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