Worrying over details

Parties, weddings, finances, and home renovations, are some of the biggest things people obsess about. Around the clock, they work tirelessly making sure that everything is perfect, overexerting themselves while stressing and worry over the details. I’m running out of time, I don’t have enough money, I don’t see how I’ll get everything done, are some of the comments they make, instead of enlisting help. I too am guilty of this, but rather than worry over every detail of my life, I’m focusing more on trusting God. I don’t need to know how everything’s going to get done, because I know Who’s going to get it done.

It can be very challenging trying to figure things out on your own, especially those beyond your control. Nonetheless, ask God to help you to release them over to Him and trust when you let go, He’s going to step in.


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