Until it happens (have fun)

Until you meet or marry the person of your prayers, have fun in your singleness.

Until you move to that big-time city you’ve been longing to get to have fun being a small-town boy or girl.

Until you land the job of your dreams, have fun at the one you’re at. It makes no sense to be bitter, when so many people are dreaming to get what you have now, employment.

Until you’re able to travel extensively, have fun enjoying a staycation.

There may be a lot of things you want to do in life and haven’t had the opportunity to do yet. However, don’t use your time sitting around waiting until it happens, have fun! Life is not meant to be boring, so use your time to make the most of it!


One response to “Until it happens (have fun)”

  1. Absolutely love it. I’m having the time of my life right now. Thanks, for the reminder!

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