Label Obsessed

Gucci, Prada, CEO, “First”, “The best”, Doctor, Wife, Entrepreneur, and President, are all labels we’ve become obsessed with. We have to have acronyms and abbreviations before or after our name to signify our titles when it’s not what defines us. Desperately, we want to be accepted within societal norms, so we go outside of what we’d normally do to fit in. We think our degrees, pedigree, and the value of the inside of our pockets will earn us respect and higher positions, when all it does is place us in a position of competition. Now we’re driven by “the potential to earn” and no longer focused on what we could do, but who we can outdo. We want to say we’ve done this or that as a measure used to determine our success, when success is not determined by things; including labels and titles. So don’t feel bad if you aren’t yet married, a CEO, don’t have a degree, high-ranking position, or large office in the executive suite. Feel good in knowing you didn’t let society tell you what you are, because you already know who you are.


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