Discriminate Prayers

A few days ago I spoke about how God will not misplace your prayers, nor will He discriminate against them. I’m reminded that when Hannah, one of two wives of Elkanah, was barren, she prayed to God that He would fill her empty womb, and He did. Although she was bullied and harassed by Penninah, the other wife, who had children, when she had none, God didn’t forget Hannah. I’m sure she probably thought at some point why her prayers went unanswered, especially when she was doing everything to honor God.

However, just because God didn’t answer her immediately, doesn’t mean He was discriminatory against her. He was simply waiting for the appointed time. The same can be said for Sarah, wife of Abraham, as she too experienced barrenness for many years. I want to tell you today, just because God is showing out in the life of others, doesn’t mean He won’t show up in yours. He can handle anything that you’re praying about. He loves and provides for you just as He has the others you see. He doesn’t have anything against you, because He is for you. He reigns on the just as He does the unjust, even when you think they don’t deserve it.

God is capable of giving you anything you ask for. If you haven’t received it yet, it’s not that He’s forgotten or discriminating against you; it’s because He’s preparing you. Keep praying, being faithful, and wait on God. He’s going to reward you for it.


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