Misplaced prayers

Ever sat your keys down and when it came time to use them, you’d forgotten where you’d put them? Frantically, you searched high and low, not being able to recall where you’d placed them, yet you knew they were nearby. Tearing the house apart, you went from room to room in hopes of finding what you’d lost. After what seemed like an eternity, you found them, openly laying in a place you had previously combed; they were nearby, all along, and so is God. Like those misplaced keys, we often wonder if God has misplaced our prayers. Did He set our requests down and forget about them, because it’s taking to long for them to be fulfilled. Perhaps, He has so many people coming to Him at once, that their prayers have somehow overshadowed yours, thus causing Him to forget you. However, God has not forgotten about you and your needs. He knows what your needs are before you do, and He will take care of them. He’s not set you down to the wayside and said, “I’ll get to you later,” because as soon as you prayed, He immediately started working everything out. When the timing is right, God will get you caught up with your prayers.

Be steadfast in praying and don’t ever give up “looking” for God to answer.


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