In His control

I was awakened a little after 3AM this morning, to texts and a phone call of concern. “Are you in a safe place?” My colleague and friend texted. When she’d gotten no response, she then called. “Hey, I’m up watching the news, and a tornado is on top of you.” I exclaimed, “What?” Before thanking her for her concerns as I struggled to go back to sleep. Then, I received another text from my cousin. “Are you okay? My son and I are watching the news and see a tornado is headed your way. He realized it’s where you lived and asked me to check on you. We love you.” I replied, “Hey, I’m okay. Thanks, and I love y’all too.” Once again, I put the phone down and struggled to go back to sleep.

Prior to the call and texts, I’d slept through most of the storm. It wasn’t until they had awakened me that I saw the lightening flash, heard the loud thundering, and heavy rain slapping against my window. Even then, I quietly whispered a prayer to God and dozed off to sleep, because I knew He’d protect me from the storm. No, I didn’t get up and find a hiding place or safe place, because I was already safe in bed. God immediately brought to my memory how when He, Peter, and others were in the boat in the middle of the storm. He was asleep and the others were awake, frightened, and calling out to Him for help. As He awoke, He questioned their faith and quietened the storm. It was then they realized how powerful He was, because even the weather had to obey Him.

Throughout life, we all will encounter storms. Rather than be afraid, seek refuge in God. He can control anything and take care of everything, including you.


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