I’m stubborn, at least I can be at times. For most of my adult life, I’ve tried to do everything in my own strength and will. I often went ahead of God because He was taking too long and I (thought I) knew what I was doing. When I lived my life outside the will of God, so much chaos and trouble came my way. The control I once possessed and tried to make everything right, only caused me to spiral out of control. I constantly struggled to do things my way, and then I got tired. Tired of the defeat, tired of not getting ahead, and tired of not giving way to God. I had no choice but to surrender. When my life looked nothing as I’d hoped it would, I tried desperately to change it. Even when I tried to change it, I still couldn’t. I didn’t have the strength to, but God changes our lives in His own strength. I didn’t need to do it because He did. When I surrendered and changed my approach to how I handled my situation, God changed it for me.

I heard a message that said, “This year doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to God. Let Him lead the way.” We won’t always be able to handle everything that comes out way, but we can trust that God can (and will).


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  1. Chiqunda Stevenson Avatar
    Chiqunda Stevenson

    Right on time with the message!!

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