Step into the light

I know this season particularly can be very hard for many people. Some are hurting over the loss of a loved one, depression, and anxiety, while others are suffering behind closed doors in silence. Make sure you check on those people. From the negative news to bad health reports, darkness is all around us. No matter how much we try to escape it, it’s always there, whether hidden in our hearts or minds. However, Jesus came to overcome the world and He is the light that drives out darkness. You can depend on Him to lead the way and make a way.

If you are struggling to find your way out of the dark, step into the light. Stop trying to combat your struggles alone, when you have someone (and others) who not only cares, but can help. Jesus is concerned about us and the things that happens to us. That’s why He instructs us to cast thy cares upon Him for He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). Don’t let your thoughts convince you that you’d be better off gone or nobody would miss you, because that’s not true. Not only would you be missed, but you’d be missing out on how God plans to use you to help others.

Mental illness is real: it’s a real struggle, it’s real hard living with it, and it’s really time we stop ignoring the people who suffers from it. Pay attention to the warning signs and pay closer attention when there “aren’t” any. Don’t let a person’s smile and laughter make you look the other way, because the damage is always done when they think no one is looking.

If someone you know is not quite like themselves, don’t be quiet, be of help.


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