A long walk

Yesterday, I reflected on my decision to represent God better. I knew when I re-dedicated my life to Him, it’d be a long walk. What I didn’t know was how lonely the road would be. I didn’t know people would eventually pull away from me, until I later learned it was God removing them. I didn’t know that every time I’d quote a biblical scripture or speak on or about God, people would suddenly label me as being “all holy.” I didn’t know people would hold me hostage to my past, even though God was already past who I once was. I didn’t know how many times I’d revert back to my old ways, while struggling to maintain the new. I also didn’t know I’d regret following God’s lead, especially during the times everything was going wrong in my life. I kept thinking, “I changed for you. How could you allow this to happen?” Not realizing, He wasn’t allowing me to suffer, but strengthening me for greater. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter if you believe in Him or follow His commands; you’re still not exempt from trials and tribulations. It was during my most difficult times I learned that I still had it easier than most. While my journey was not what I’d expected, it’s what I needed.

If you are dedicating (for the first time) or re-dedicating your life to God and Christ, it’s a wonderful thing! Yes, you will no doubt lose people and yourself along the way, but that’s to be expected. Most days will be challenging, hard, and beautiful, and it’s all worth it. No matter the struggles, the reward of being obedient and faithful is far greater than the fight.


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