Come Up

Most of my previous years in life were spent people pleasing and lowering myself to meet others where they were. No matter how much I tried to get them to come up, they only brought me down. As a result of all that I’ve endured in recent years, particularly the last two, I’m only going up from here. I’ve grown exponentially and have outgrown a lot of people and things, and now that I’ve been untied from them, I can’t ever make a connection again. Moving forward, anyone that wants to get next to me, work with me, or have any type of access or relationship with me, has got to come up to where I am. There will be no more lowering of my standards or self-esteem to make anyone feel comfortable. If you can’t rise to my level, don’t expect me to fall down to yours. Too many things have taken place in this world and our everyday lives, for us to not want to do better and/or be better. Some people are secure with complacency and others are not. I’m one of those that aren’t. It’s okay to want better, although it may cause others to think you are acting better than them. Despite their negative thinking, if they aren’t willing to do better for themselves, don’t let them stop you from doing so.


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