It’s in your hands

Some months back, one of my family members invited me to fellowship with them. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical, only because I was not used to their style of “worship.” Nonetheless, I obliged. I made a point to be open to their form of service, because I know not everyone communicates and praises God the same, nor is one particular church, religion, or denomination, better than the other. After my arrival, I walked in and made my way towards the back. Not long after, my family member arrived. They started out with songs of praise and worship and the reading of God’s word, which is what I’m accustomed to doing at my place of worship. About mid-way through the service, as we had our heads bowed and eyes closed in prayer, a gentleman came and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Yes,” I stated while looking puzzled. “The Bishop has asked for you.” I thought to myself, “You stopped me in the middle of my alone time with God to tell me the Bishop has summons for me and it couldn’t wait.” I nervously made my way towards the front of the church, as everyone continued with their eyes closed and heads bowed. “Yes, sir,” I stated. He replied, “Lift up your hands.” Before doing so, I silently prayed earnestly that “what the enemy meant for bad, God would turn it around for my good.” After all, I didn’t know this man nor did I know what he was about to do. As I lifted my hands, he prayed over me and told me that my hands were going to be used to do the work of God. I thought, “Is that it? Tell me something I don’t already know.” After the fact, God shared with my that it’s not just my hands, but what’s in it; a pen.

I’ve shared many times how I’ve struggled with knowing my purpose in life. I began writing poetry at the age of 14, and my first book in my early 20s. While I didn’t know entirely what my calling was, I knew one way or another it’d involve writing, I just didn’t know how or to what extent. I also knew I wanted to write full-time and earn a living from it, and let me tell you it hasn’t been so easy. However, I know God promises in His word that our gift(s) will make room for us. I may not be where I’d like to career-wise, but I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing what God has equipped me to do, write. I don’t know the gifts/talent that God has given you, but whatever it is, use what you’ve got.


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