He knows my name

Recently, I was invited to a very special event. I was so excited for the opportunity to attend and beyond grateful, because I haven’t known the person who bestowed the honor upon me for very long. When “the big day” arrived, I got dolled up and made my way to the venue. Upon my arrival, I didn’t know which entrance to take, so I asked one of the members of security. A gentleman directed me to a nearby table and what I encountered next took me completely aback. “May I help you?” asked the person seated at the table. “Yes, I’m looking for my table.” After momentarily looking at me, they asked me for my name and ticket. I provided them with the requested information, and they stated how they never heard of my last name, before telling me they couldn’t find it on the list.

Confused, I re-stated my last name, because I knew I was invited and expected. However, what I was not expecting was their response. They stated, “My name meant nothing to them, to which they presumed was the reason they couldn’t find it.” I was shocked, appalled, and a bit disappointed, while firing back, “Oh, it (my name) means everything to me.” Clearly upset, I walked out and processed what had transpired. Despite the check-in fiasco, I had a wonderful time and even enjoyed a mini concert by an award-winning artist. Here’s the moral of the story, God will put you in places people feel you don’t belong.

Although that situation wasn’t the first I’d experienced, I didn’t let it make me question my worth or who I am, because I know Whose I am. I could’ve easily thrown a canon ball of attacks towards them, but would it have made me feel better? No. But let me tell you what did. The fact that the person who said my name meant nothing to them was seated at the door checking for MY name! To add icing on the cake, they were seated outside an event that I was invited in. It didn’t matter if they knew my name or not, God does. That’s why I was there!


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