Finish strong

Is it just me, or did we leap from January straight to December? This year has gone by incredibly fast, so fast, that if you blinked, you missed it. Before you know it, December will have come and gone, and we’ll be starting a new year, which I’m pretty sure is what most people (myself included) are waiting on. We haven’t even concluded this one, and we’re already making preparations for the new one. We’ve already written out our resolutions, yet we’ve failed to resolve what we planned 11 months ago. Just a suggestion, before you start jumping (and counting) ahead, can you at least finish what you’ve started? This year has been full of (unexpected) surprises for me, not to mention I battled (and overcame) lot of things privately. While I do anticipate and look forward to the upcoming year, I’m going to use the remainder of this month to finish strong. I have one major project that I’m still working on and hope to tie up all loose ends before I embark on the new.

As we can obviously see, time (literally) waits on no one. So, what are you waiting for?


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