Party of One

I knew this day would come. I had been anticipating it, but I didn’t expect it’d happen so soon. I didn’t expect that the same group of people I thought would make it to the top with me, would be the same ones hating that I did. It’s probably because they never expected me to, considering I was once on their level. It was always us, but now it’s just a party of one. When they succeeded, we all celebrated. But now that I’m succeeding, there’s no jubilation. I guess I went up too many steps without them, but I can’t help that God has called me to go higher. He warned me that it would be this way. He also warned me that as long as you’re on the same page as everyone else, they’re fine. However, the minute He takes you further along in the story, they’re upset, because you’re now in Chapter 5 and they’re stuck trying to get past the first one. What they fail to realize is we’re not all the same and we progress differently. My progression just so happened to take place first.

Whatever God’s plan or purpose for your life will happen. Don’t be upset when someone else’s time is before yours. You’re still going to get to where you’re going. In the meantime, help them to celebrate as you wait.


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