Credible Witness

One of the most crucial things a defense attorney or prosecutor needs in succeeding with their case, is a credible witness. This person or persons can give a first-hand account of what they’ve seen to a juror which would not only solidify the case, but cause one to believe. I’m always skeptical when I watch online sermons or motivational speaking done by public personas/figures. While I appreciate them wanting to get others to believe their situation will get better, I often wonder do they have proof that it will. In other words, are you a witness? Can you honestly say things will get better because you’ve been in the situation and made it out, or you think it’s what they want to hear? I, for one, can bear witness to the amazing things God has done and will do for others, which I share almost daily. I make no admission that I or my notes are better than anyone I’ve listened to or you, however, what I am saying is that people don’t want to just hear “things will work out for their good,” they want proof that it will.

You don’t have to be religious, spiritual, or belong to a particular denomination or church affiliation to share with others how wonderful God’s been to you. I’ve learned a lot of times your “testimony” is crucial and relevant to others case. I know it can be traumatic reliving what you’ve gone through, but just think how it’s going to help others make it through.


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