A long road

I’ve been overweight and struggled my entire life to get healthy and lose the pounds. At one point, I was successful and lost 50lbs, but became a little too comfortable, so I gained it back plus more. I was very disappointed because it was a lot of hard work, I put into eating healthier and maintaining a great workout regimen. I was dedicated and more focused then and it’s been quite challenging to do the same now. While the journey to “one”derland (a milestone you’ve reached when you weigh less than 200 lbs.), has been a long road, I’m going to keep going until I reach my goal.

I’ve realized that everything we want in life won’t always come easy to us. For some, it may take weeks or months and others it may take years. We all won’t have the same journey or travel the same road, but it doesn’t matter how brutal, winding, or never-ending it may seem, eventually we’ll get there. Besides, the goal isn’t just about reaching our destination, but what we learned on the way. That, along with never giving up, is truly our greatest reward.


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