I object

I was reading various news articles on yesterday, and one was concerning the Grammys. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the music awards show, but for those who aren’t, the Grammys is the “Oscars” of the music industry. As I read and even questioned some of the nominees, I noticed in particular that one of the music industry’s “favorite” female rappers was not listed in one of the more prestigious categories. I immediately went to the comment section because I knew it would be on fire. “Oh my gosh, she (well-known female rapper) was robbed.” “I can’t believe they left her out, when she’s the goat (greatest of all time).” “How can a female rapper who’s only been on the music scene for a few months, be nominated over someone who’s been in the game for years?” Were some of the responses I read. After having enough of the foolishness, I responded aloud but not on the thread. “One can’t measure a person’s accolades based upon the amount of time they put into working. What God has for someone is for them. He may have one person to work 50 years to acquire a certain level of success and recognition, and another person only 5 months. Whichever route He takes you on, you’re destined to win.

Don’t let someone question your longevity, label you an overnight success, or accuse you of doing the bare minimum to get to where you are.  Whether you achieve your goals in 5 days or 5 years, makes no difference. All that matters is you did it, and no one can take away what you’ve earned. There will be people who object to your success, but don’t subject yourself to their opinions. If anything, you should be proud of your accomplishments.


2 responses to “I object”

  1. It is important to please God not people because he is the one who gives the best rewards. People are fickle and may give you acclaim one moment and bash you the next.

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