You can recover

Two months ago, I had to cancel an assignment because of Hurricane Ian. I was scheduled for a couple of meetings, but what we thought was excessive heavy rain, turned out to be much worse than we’d imagined. Ian was very deadly and destructive and left thousands of people without their homes, power, and personal belongings. While they can never reclaim the loss of life, they can certainly recover from the storm. As with any storm in life (not just involving the elements), no matter how severe or life-changing it is, you can bounce back. It may take you months or years to rebuild, but you’ll come back stronger than ever before. We never know when life may throw us curveballs, so we can’t always prepare for them. However, what we can do is prepare to be given back more than what we lost.

Rainbows still come after storms; you just have to find them. Don’t allow what you’ve gone through to convince you that it’s the end because it’s not. It’s only the start to something more beautiful.


One response to “You can recover”

  1. Amen! So thankful that we all can recover from the storms of life!

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