Listening Matters

I’ve verbalized a million times that I have anxiety. It causes me constant headaches, a heightened sense of fear (for context, “doomsday”), extreme worrying, irritation, and restless nights. Incorporate that with negative thoughts, social media, and the news, and you have a recipe for disaster. I consume a lot of online news and social media daily, that it affects me in a very unpleasant way. I fight with my mind and body to go to sleep at night, because it’s still “high” off everything I’ve set my eyes and ears to that day. It takes a lot for me to deprogram and sometimes I don’t. As a result, my sleep is interrupted. By morning, I’m so restless, tired, and fearful of what I’m going to read next, to which I find myself repeating the same antagonizing cycle over and over again.

I’d reached my breaking point (literally) and realized the only way to not get myself “worked up,” is by limiting what I take in. I’m constantly learning that what you listen to matters, not only to your mental health, but physical and emotional well-being. There are a lot of devastating things going on in this world that affects me, even though I’m not in direct relation to it. In other words, it doesn’t have to happen to me, in order for it to bother me. I’m not sure if you can relate, but it can be so debilitating and leave you with thoughts and feelings of helplessness. I wish it were within my means to control some of the things that are happening, but what is within my control is how I respond to it. Although I know I can’t run from social media and the news, what I can do is tune most of it out.

It’s okay to watch the news or indulge in social media. Just don’t make a habit of ingesting too much. Sometimes, you need to walk away for a while before it becomes too much you can bear.


One response to “Listening Matters”

  1. Chiqunda Stevenson Avatar
    Chiqunda Stevenson

    So true what you put in is what you get out and don’t realize how it effects you too later on!! ❤️


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