Use your lifeline

Who remembers when the hit TV show Who wants to be a millionaire was televised? I watched that show faithfully and even envisioned being a contestant; after all, who doesn’t want to be a millionaire. As they started out, the questions were relatively easy then quickly transitioned to “hard.” Not seeing a way out, the contestants were reminded of their lifeline, as some of them were quick to use. Many thought they could get through the game without it and others saw at one point or another they needed help. Does that sound like you? Do you think you know it all and can get through life on your own without the help of God? You may think you have it easy now or the tide has yet to turn, but there’ll come a point in your life when you’ll have to use your lifeline. For some of you that may be mom or dad, but there’s only so much they can do. There are some situations in our lives to occur that needs divine intervention. Our parents can’t save us, neither can our friends. But God can!

Don’t always wait until you get into a jam to call on God. He wants to hear from you well before the “pile up.”


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