The Right One

From the age I was able to understand my struggles and misfortunes in life, I’ve deemed them to be totally unfair. I didn’t ask for the trials and tribulations, I didn’t deserve them, and I certainly didn’t want them. My idea of life looks a lot better than the one I’m living, and if I’m completely honest, there are times I don’t necessarily feel I’m even doing that (living). More than anything, I’ve defended myself relentlessly to God and proclaimed He’d chosen the ‘wrong person’, because I wasn’t equipped to fight. Through prayer and His word, God made known I didn’t need to come prepared, because He was going to prepare me. He also advised He had indeed chosen the right one, because He knew I could handle it, just as He knew I’d be against it. Although my trials have been fiery, one right after the next (especially these last two years), by His grace I have made it through, and you will too.

I don’t know what anyone goes through personally, unless they make it known. For those of you who are struggling with God’s decision to pick you (or pick on you, as some may see it), understand you were His preferred choice. I’m sure there are many people who can go through what we have and come out on top, but how many of those people do you think would submit as we have to being used? Remember, everyone can’t take the heat, but for those of us who can, God’s in the midst of our fire.


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  1. Chiqunda Stevenson Avatar
    Chiqunda Stevenson



  2. God is with us in the fire and he will see we come forth as pure gold, refined in the fire.🔥🔥🔥

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