I don’t want it

Megan has craved and wanted a specific brand of chocolate ice cream for a very long time, that she knew she could only get from one place. Someone who knew of her burning desires promised to get it for her. Megan became extremely anxious and anticipated this person making good on their promise, because they had come through for her in the past. To prepare for its arrival, she retrieved her favorite silver spoon and large white ceramic eating bowl. The sheer thought of the ice cream being transferred from the bowl to her mouth, made her salivate. “Any day now,” she kept thinking, while anticipating its arrival. Days passed and still no ice cream. “What’s taking so long?” she asked. “I thought it’d be here by now.” “It’s coming, I haven’t forgotten about you,” they replied. After a while, the suspense was killing her as well as her appetite. A lot of time passed, yet she waited, and waited, and waited, and still no ice cream. Suddenly, she no longer had a taste for it. “I promise you it’s coming, if you can just wait a little while longer,” they stated. “It’s okay,” she replied. “I don’t want it anymore.”

Lately, I’ve been in one of my “moods” where I’ve raised an eyebrow to God because I’m still waiting on some promises that have yet to be delivered. I’ve gotten so fed up with waiting that I told God, “I don’t want it anymore,” because I too felt Megan’s pain. I felt like giving up on the promises because I was over crying for them. I was over the wait, tests, and trials. It never fails, whenever I’m at my wick’s end, God reminds me about His promises and why the wait is so important. This morning, as part of my daily devotion, Godly Waiting (a personal blog I follow), sent me this message: “Child of God, it’s worth the wait. That thing you’re praying for is worth every tear and fiery trial. You’re fighting for something beautiful, and it will soon be yours. God gave you a wonderful glimpse, but it won’t compare to the final product. It’s so much more than you know, child of God! Every promise is exceeding and abundant.

For those of you who’ve received your promise(s), I’m sure it’s amazing. For those of us who are still waiting, it’s going to be worth it!


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