Do something

I was selected to be a part of a small women’s empowerment group at work, and I must say, it felt pretty empowering sitting round table sharing our stories. Although I work very closely with these women daily, I had no clue how much we have in common. While we all have our individual goals to pursue, we were chosen collectively to work on our biggest shared goal, women leadership. Rather than continue to sit back and watch women get overlooked or passed by with certain opportunities, and to help each other reach our maximum potential, we’re going to do something about it.

As I explained to them each, I’m grateful for the opportunity because I know God’s purpose is for me to help people all over the world and that’s what I intend to do, no matter the number size. I’ve always firmly believed that me helping someone else win won’t cause me to lose. I believe wholeheartedly that the (7) of us can independently cause things to shake, but collective force mountains to move. Although we’re all strong in our own right, sometimes things get done quicker when we’re standing firmly together.

Yesterday we met to discuss who we are. Next, we’re going to show the world what we plan to do. It may take a minute to get some people on board with our agenda. However, if they fail to come along, we’re just going to move right along.

If you have a plan, put it into action and stop acting like you can’t do it.


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